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Thanks to the wizardry of Anna Hulseberg, who looked under the hood and made a number of adjustments to the innards with her html tools, our old website now sports new features. We hope you will like them. The major changes are that searches for print reserves and journals by title have moved to the […]

Library Website – Tell Us What You Think!

The library made some big changes to the website over the summer. If you have ideas, concerns, likes, or dislikes, we’d love to hear about them as we work to tweak and improve the site. Click here to comment on the website. Thanks for letting us know what you think!

Where Did the Databases Go?

As you may have noticed, we’ve made some dramatic changes to our website. One question that we have heard through backchannels is “what happened to the databases?” After doing a wide-ranging study of student use of the library, we learned that many students who want to search for articles were baffled by our previous site. […]