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Open Access Week

Happy Open Access Week! We in the library appreciate Open Access because this publishing model allows researchers and scholars to provide their materials for free to the global community. Some make the choice to publish Open Access out of a desire to make their work known to the widest possible number of people, while others […]

Happy Open Access Week!

It’s Open Access Week, a week when the potential for sharing scholarship widely is promoted and celebrated. If you aren’t entirely sure what “open access” means, it’s essentially putting scholarship online so that anyone can benefit from it. This has, of course, some implications for the traditional ways that scholarship is shared – through publishing […]

And Yet More on Open Access

… this news just in. The faculty at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, passed an open access mandate similar to the one passed by Harvard’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences. Trinity is the first liberal arts college to pass such a mandate. The news is so fresh I don’t have anything to link to, […]

More on Open Access

A bill currently in Congress would instruct federal agencies that provide significant funds for research to ensure that the results of that publicly funded research are made public. (That’s a lot of “public” in that last sentence, but hey, there’s a reason for that. It’s a simple equation: public funding of research = public knowledge.) […]