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Interlibrary Loan Fun Fact

The ILL department has been surprised by numerous requests from other libraries for the book Zombie politics and culture in the age of casino capitalism by Henry A. Giroux.  After doing a quick Google search, we discovered that Bill Moyers did a show segment with the author at the end of November.  The book is currently out […]

Behind the Wall

Ever wonder what’s happening “behind the wall “ of the circulation desk  or the back offices of the library? Did you ever wonder how titles get entered into the online catalog that you use to search for materials for your assignments? There is a group of library staff  that order materials, catalog them into the […]

Reference Services: Get to know your librarians!

Reference librarians.  At some point this semester, you’ll need them.  You’ll visit the reference desk, wondering what they can do for you.  You’ll discover librarians are masters at locating resources and extracting relevant information from the vast sea of materials at their disposal.  You’ll realize that with expert help, you now feel less overwhelmed, more […]

Interlibrary Loan fun facts

Here’s a fun ILL tidbit:  sometimes, an out-of-state library can supply an item faster than a library in Minnesota. It’s true.  ILL staff populate the automated system with compiled lists of “fastest lenders.”  In fact, any location information from the record you choose is stripped from the request when you submit it.  So just make […]

Fun facts: Interlibrary Loan

Gustavus relies on the generosity of other libraries to sustain faculty and student research through Interlibrary Loan. Likewise, we share our collection with those same libraries for their faculty and student research. We participate in a regional sharing network to meet most of those needs, but we also borrow and lend nationwide. What kinds of […]

Fun facts: Interlibrary loan

Although you may have been the grateful recipient of an obscure dissertation borrowed through ILL from a library across the nation, you probably don’t think about the lending side of ILL. What kinds of materials are being requested by other libraries from the Gustavus collection? Our Scandinavian crime fiction has been enormously popular. Here’s an […]