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Library Hours for Fall Break

Friday, Oct. 19:  8 am – 4:45 pm; Saturday, Oct. 20:  10 am – 5 pm; Sunday, Oct. 21:  Noon – 6 pm; Monday, Oct. 22:  8 am – 4:45 pm; Tuesday, Oct. 23:  8 am – 1 am.

International Pronouns Day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 marks the first annual International Pronouns Day. The ability to use and be referred to by one’s preferred pronouns is a basic human right. Being referred to by the wrong pronoun especially affects transgender and gender nonconforming people. Exploring the varied conversations surrounding pronouns is essential to a better understanding of […]

In Memory of our Friend and Colleague

 The Library was saddened to learn the news a few weeks ago that former Library AV Manager, Mark Kump, had passed away. Mark was a steady, calm presence in the library and we miss his dry wit. In honor of his memory, we have dedicated a book about sailing to him. Sailing was one of […]

Book Sale at the Library!

The Library will be holding a book sale from Monday, Oct. 1 through Sunday, Oct. 7. Paperback books – 25 cents; Hardcover – 50 cents (with the weekend bringing discount prices). Come in with quarters and leave with books!