For Faculty: Digital Tools for Learning

Posted on July 13th, 2017 by

We have been participating in the Mellon-funded Digital Humanities workshops and activities over the past three years. Students will once again have an interesting array of IEX courses this coming January that will have at least some infusion of digital humanities including a new one offered by the library (on Identity and the Internet – exploring how we represent ourselves online and how our digital identities are used by corporations and the state in surprising ways).

The humanities departments aren’t keeping all the fun for themselves. Lots of faculty from other divisions are participating, too. And it’s not just for January, either. There are lots of ways students can learn using digital tools that can enhance their learning and help them think about concepts of purpose and audience when composing in genres beyond the familiar research paper.

Do we have a guide for that? Of course we do. It includes information about digital humanities pedagogy and an array of tools that range from super-easy to fairly challenging, all of which have potential value for learning.


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