Special and Rare

Posted on September 7th, 2016 by

Special Collections and Rare Books roomSome students will remember a brick-lined room on the library’s main floor that was a quiet bolt-hole for serious studying before it was mysteriously locked up. Alumni and other long-timers will recall when that room was full of microfilm. Well, the locks are open now (at least during the daytime) and you can study in what is now our Rare Book and Special Collections room. These books, previously hidden away, are now safely shelved in locked cabinets. Come in to peer at the books, enjoy at the amazing St. John’s Bible, and spread out your stuff on large tables as you work on your homework or write a paper. We’re grateful to our friends group, Gustavus Library Associates, for helping to fund this renovation.

Are you teaching a class that would benefit from using this collection? Let us know and we can reserve the room for your class. Do you need to use a book that’s in the collection? Tell us and we’ll help you get your hands on it . . . very carefully.


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