Congratulations to Our Senior Student Employees

Posted on May 17th, 2016 by

IMG_2722The library is beyond lucky to have such great student employees. They check out materials, interact with patrons, shelve books, create displays and assist with ordering and preparing new library materials. We’re pretty sure the library’s work would come to a grinding halt without them.

Every year, we say goodbye to a wonderful group of graduating student employees. To honor their work, we dedicate a book in our collection to each of them. Each book contains a book plate with their photo, name and major. Books are chosen for each student based on their major area of study. The books are currently on display at the library.

Congratulations, Courtney, Emma, Sarah, Suyoung, Kara, Krissy, Amanda Cory, Jared, Xingzhu, Morgan, Natalie, Lucas, Mackenzie, Sara, Gavin and Rachel!


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