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SparkNotes version of this post:  

HEY GUSTIES!  Apply for the library’s marketing internship!  I’ve been interning here all semester and I’ve really enjoyed it.  If you love the library, doing research, graphic design, video production, writing, and you have good communication skills, this could be perfect for you!  If you’re interested, contact me, Tristan Richards (trichard@gustavus.edu) or Michelle Twait (mtwait@gustavus.edu) for more information.  (Or just stop being lazy and read the long version of this post)  🙂

Interesting version:

Are you interested in a career in Marketing?  Do you love the library?  Do you want to find out what goes on behind the scenes in the library and have your very own desk and computer?  Do you want to be just like Tristan Richards? (Of course you do).

Hey everyone!

My name is Tristan Richards and I’m the library’s marketing intern this semester.  I’m a Junior Spanish and Communication Studies major interested in a career in video production, marketing, or teaching Spanish (I realize that these are all very different career paths.  I’m working on it.)  On campus, I’m a Co-PR executive for Habitat for Humanity, I’m a poetry editor for Firethorne, I’m involved in the GOLD program, I’m in choir, and I play intramural soccer.

I’ve been working in the library for the past three years at the Circulation desk, which is probably the best work-study job on campus (no big deal).  I also worked here over this past summer in just about every department of the library.  One day, (probably a Monday.  Mondays are usually when epiphanies happen, right?) right before my lunch break, I was aimlessly wandering the Gustavus Career Center website (GustieJobs, more specifically), trying to figure out what to do with my life (disclaimer: I promise I did real work during the summer too.  When it’s the middle of July and classes aren’t in session, there’s not a whole lot to do during a Circulation shift).

I figured I should probably look at some internships, because that’s what smart college kids do.  They get internships, and then future employers see that they have experience and they think, “Oh man oh man!  I better snatch this person up before someone else does, look at all that experience.”  So I looked at internships.

Eventually, I came across a marketing internship at my very own place of work, the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library.  I thought, “Could it be?” and then I clocked out, biked back to my apartment, made myself a pizza bagel, and watched a rerun of Saturday Night Live.  After lunch, I worked my Gov Docs shift, shelved some books, and then came back to the location of this discovery, the good ol’ Circ desk.  I pulled up the job description again, and decided we were meant for each other.  I approached Michelle Twait about the internship, and she asked me to send her my resume and a small portfolio of my work with video production, Photoshop, and photography (which can be found here if you’d like to check it out).

A few days later, (if you were wondering, I was sitting at the Circulation desk during this moment as well) Michelle came up to me and said, “Oh!  By the way, we’d like you to be our marketing intern this fall if you’re still interested!”  YES!  I was really excited about this internship, especially since I already knew everyone in the library, which meant I wouldn’t even have to go through any awkward introductions!

The rest was history.

I’ve had an excellent experience this semester.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Of couuuuurse you’ve had an excellent experience.  Why else would you be writing this blog?  To tell us not to apply?”  Well, clever reader…you have a point.  I do want you to apply.  However, this blog post would not be nearly as entertaining if I hadn’t enjoyed my internship.  I’ve noticed huge amounts of growth, both in my skills and in how I approach work.  (That was the most informative sentence in the world, I know).

During the first week of my internship, I was told that I was part of the team now.  I was surprised by how much freedom I have in this internship to choose projects that interest me and complete them in the ways that I want to.  In many ways, I’ve learned to trust myself and my judgment in handling my work.

“But Tristan, what is this work you keep babbling about?”

Thanks for the reminder.  I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve done this semester.  Here’s a few of the projects I’ve been working on:

  • Poster design.  Photoshop has become my best friend.  Check out the Photoshop section of my portfolio for some examples.
  • Research.  I’ve been looking into how students perceive the reference librarians and the amount of knowledge students have about the reference desk.  I did a survey before fall break, and I’m using the results from that survey in many ways, including….
  • Video production.  I’m working on a video about reference – including students’ experiences, how professors use the desk, and some testimony from the librarians themselves.  I’ll also be making a video about the Archives in the near future.
  • Social media.  I’ve recently been working on revamping our Facebook page in order to use it as an effective form of communication (www.facebook.com/gaclibrary – “like” it now) and I’ve also been writing some blog posts.
  • Faces of Folke.  Remember when you were invited to play night games in the library on Halloween weekend?  Yeah, that was us.  FoF is a student group I started to increase student interaction in the library.  Right now, it’s made up of all student library employees, but we will likely be accepting non-employees for membership in the spring.  Check out our website here.

I’ve also been a part of the library’s Outreach and Promotions committee all semester.  In the beginning of November, I had the opportunity to present my internship to a group of librarians from private colleges all around the state, which was a really cool experience!

Here’s where you come in.  Right now, we’re working on finding the next marketing intern.  If my above rant enticed you in any way, I encourage you to contact me (trichard@gustavus.edu) or Michelle Twait (mtwait@gustavus.edu) for more information.  Want to grab coffee and talk about the internship?  I’d be more than happy.  Want to shadow me for an hour or two?  That can probably be arranged.  Want to show off your Photoshop skillz?  Bring it on.  You can also just send an email, but where’s the fun in that?

I really hope this blog post has helped you to understand what is involved in this internship, and again, let me or Michelle know if we can help you out in any way.  Looking forward to hearing from you all!

-Tristan Richards ’13

PS:  Make your life library count.  🙂


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