Taking the Mystery out of the Archives

Posted on December 3rd, 2009 by

According to some, the College and Lutheran Church archives here at Gustavus are a mystery. It seems people are unaware of the types of materials held in the two different yet related collections.

First, these archives consist of primary source materials created by student organizations, individuals, departments, offices, local churches, and regional church bodies. Most documents, photographs, and recordings held in the archives are found only here and thus have monetary, historical, or sentimental value. The website for the archives gives greater insight and detail into our holdings.

Second, you might be wondering who uses the archives and what types of information are requested. We provide access to materials and help answer questions from students, staff, faculty, alumni, professional researchers, genealogists, and members of the general public. Here are some recent inquiries.

1. When did the first woman graduate from Gustavus?

2. What materials are there
documenting the student senate? What is the process to donate additional items?

3. How can I research my local
church congregation?

4. Where do I look to learn about the history of Old Main,
Rundstrom Hall, the Library, and the Student Union?

5. What World War I posters do
you have? A professor is collaborating with local colleagues to develop a teaching plan that helps students learn history by using primary documents.

6. Did members of the anti-war organization the Weathermen
ever visit Gustavus?

7. What records exist concerning my relative who was a faculty member at Minnesota College?
We hold the records of Minnesota College.

Should you have any additional questions that need answering, please contact the archives.


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