Green is My Favorite Color

Posted on August 5th, 2009 by

It is the beginning of the new academic year and things are definitely changing around the library. Our print copiers went out the door yesterday and new scanning options are now available in the library. The new scanner (situated next to new printers) is very easy to use and is a “paperless” option to printing. Students can easily scan articles, chapters, etc. and send them to their email account. Gustavus Technology Services also has altered their printing guidelines and amount of paper/units allotted to students before students must pay. They have carefully explained the process on the website.

The library printers have always been the most highly productive printers on campus. We library employees try to recycle many one sided copies that do not get picked up. We still send pounds of paper into the campus recycling. We are hoping that the upcoming year will provide a sense of pride and consideration when students consider their use of paper.


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