good news, bad news

Posted on July 29th, 2008 by

The good news is that we’re converting some office spaces to student areas. In particular, the well-lit space where the interlibrary loan office has been will be converted to an open reserves/reading area. Interlibrary loan services will move behind the circulation desk for a more seamless service area. Two smaller offices will also be converted from librarian offices into public spaces. (We’re also moving Hector and Helen, our two group computing facilities, to the main floor where they’ll be more visible.)

The bad news is that all of this will take some construction. The library will be a slightly noisier, dustier place for a time, through August and probably into September. But we think that will be a small price to pay to open up some prime space to students who, after all, live in the library much of the academic year.


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