Love Your Library (2-26-08)

Posted on February 26th, 2008 by

The Gustavus Library is many things – study space, laboratory, meeting place, and provider of countless sources of information. But right now it’s also looking a little rumpled. Dirty caf dishes are left in study carrels. Reams of pages are printed and then abandoned or stuffed into trash cans. Library books are returned filled with pen and highlighter marks on almost every page.

Even one ruined book or dirty plate gives us cause for concern. Damaged books result in loss of shared property. Wasted paper has a profound impact on the environment. And, quite simply, no one likes to stumble across dirty, abandoned dishes. For this reason, the library is reviving our Love Your Library Leave No Trace campaign. The rules are simple: Return your dishes to the Marketplace. Take notes about library books – not in them. Be mindful of the amount of paper you print. Remind your friends to do the same. Essentially, leave the library how you found it.

The library belongs to all of us. Be comfortable and be respectful. Enjoy your library and help others do the same.


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