Introducing…Hector (group computing)

Posted on February 15th, 2007 by

Room 102 (a study room on the library’s lower level, Chapel side) is now home to Hector, a Mac mini with a wide flatscreen monitor, two keyboards, a laptop hookup and an iSight camera. This flexible workspace is perfect for groups writing collaborative papers, creating Powerpoint for group presentations, or working on other computing projects.

Currently, use of this room is first-come, first-served only, but as soon as the calendar arrives, groups may also begin to sign up to reserve Hector for up to three hours at a time. More on our signup policy can be found here. We have also drafted a few guidelines for the use of the room to help our users be good citizens when they’re in there.

The library partnered with GTS to create this space, and much thanks is due Jessie Twaddle for his work putting it together. GTS is also hard at work on creating a room specifically designed for practicing and taping speeches and presentations, which will be located across the hall from Hector.

While our students have been discovering and using this room already, we hope faculty members will promote its use for group projects.

Photo of Sid filming Courtney with Hector.


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